1. Resources after Diagnosis (RAD) Program

Medical Advisory Board (MAB)

The Medical Advisory Board (MAB) provides insight, scientific direction, and expertise to Barbells for Boobs. 

The Barbells for Boobs (BFB) Medical Advisory Board consists of Physicians, Healthcare, and Fitness providers who are active in the education, treatment, and effects of fitness on breast cancer patient's physical and mental health. 

The information gathered and approved by Barbells for Boobs MAB is for general knowledge and education only, and does not constitute guidance, recommendations, or specific medical advice for individuals.

Barbells for Boobs MAB does not provide medical advice or recommendations. Individuals should not rely on the information provided by our Medical Advisory Board as a substitute for advice or consultation with qualified healthcare professionals who are familiar with their individual medical conditions and needs. Barbells for Boobs strongly recommends that care and treatment decisions related to breast cancer, or any other medical condition, be made in consultation with the patient's physician or other qualified healthcare professionals who are familiar with the individual's specific health situation.