In 2022, we established our RAD Integrative Care Team “RAD InC Team”.

The RAD InC Team is comprised of professionals dedicated to improving medical care for the athlete after a breast cancer diagnosis. The following individuals are on the RAD InC Team.

  • Molly Greenwade, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist, Ozarks Cancer Research

  • Christy Asonglefac, DPT, CLT-UE, CMPT, XPS, Proformance Sports Rehab

  • Dr. Jennifer Greco, DC, Thrive Chiropractic Wellness

  • Lori Todd, MA, LPC, ACS, NCC, NCSC, SAC & RAD Athlete

  • Johnna Dionisio, RAD Head Coach @ Barbells for Boobs

  • Karla H. Leon, Data and Operations @ Barbells for Boobs

  • Zionna Hanson, Founder and CEO @ Barbells for Boobs

This year's objective is currently confidential and will be released in Jan of 2023.

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