In this guide:

Open your editor

  1. Go to your fundraising page

  2. Select Manage (you may have to log in first)

    • It will be at the top of the screen on a desktop or laptop and at the bottom for mobile devices.

video of supporter page navigation to manage

Note: Once you open your editor, this button will be replaced with View. After you make your edits, select View to return to your fundraising page and see your changes.


The first tab of the editor is Overview. From here, you can view suggestion cards with the next steps and access other content tabs. The Story and Details tabs control the appearance and details of your fundraising page.

video showing each of the fundraiser page suggestion cards

If this is your first time viewing the editor, we recommend completing the cards. They will help you to add your photo, edit your Story, make the first donation to your page, and ask for donations from friends and family. If you’ve already completed the cards, use the other sections in this guide to edit your page.

Tip: If you’ve completed the cards, you can reset them if you ever need a refresher. The first donation card is the only one that disappears since you can’t make the first donation twice.

Edit your Story

Your Story is the main content that appears on your fundraising page

  1. Select the Story tab

  2. Make your changes

  3. Select Save when you’re finished.

If you’re using a desktop or laptop, you can add photos, videos, and links with the tools at the bottom of the text block. Use this tab to share why the cause is important to you and what is the impact of their donation.

Post updates

Use updates to keep friends and family engaged with your fundraising progress. Share a picture about your goal, share something about the nonprofit you’re proud of, or do something for donations (ex. pushups, running a mile).

video of cursor navigating how to create a new update and edit an old update.
  1. Open the Story tab

  2. Select Updates

  3. Select Create New to post a new update

    • Select the three dots on an existing post to edit it.

Edit your details

The Details tab is where you can edit the key details of your fundraising page such as your profile picture and fundraising goal. Simply make the edits you need and select Save Changes when you’re finished.

Key Details

screenshot of supporter details form

  • Profile Picture - Use Upload to change your profile picture. You can also use Remove to remove your picture and use the default picture that the nonprofit chose.

  • Fundraiser Nickname - This is the name that will display on your fundraising page.

  • Page Headline - This is the headline that appears on your fundraising page. We recommend keeping it brief.

  • Fundraising end date - This should be the date that you plan to stop fundraising. If you plan to fundraise without an end date, we recommend using a date that is far into the future. Note that access to your page will still end if the nonprofit chooses to end its fundraiser.

  • Goal - Set the amount you plan on raising. If you reach your goal early, we recommend increasing your goal for an even greater challenge and impact.

  • Vanity URL - This is simply a shorter version of your fundraising page’s website address. Short URLs are easier to share and look nicer on social media.

Fundraising Notifications

Fundraising notifications are sent to the email you used when creating your Classy account. The notifications are designed to keep you up-to-date on your fundraising activity. Toggle them on or off to control your preferences and select Save Changes.

screenshot of fundraiser notification settings

  • Comments on my fundraising page

    • You’ll receive this notification when someone comments on your fundraising page. This ensures you’ll know when to comment back to keep your donors engaged.

  • Donations on my fundraising page

    • When someone donates to your fundraising page, you’ll receive this notification. This ensures you can thank donors for their gifts.

  • Encouragement emails

    • When you reach a certain percentage of your goal or a specific amount, you’ll receive an encouragement email. You’ll only receive these notifications if the organization you support uses Classy to send encouraging emails.

Delete your fundraising page

  1. Select Delete Fundraising Page at the bottom of your Details tab.

  2. Confirm that you want to delete your page, to officially delete it.

Note: once you delete your page, it cannot be recovered.

screenshot of delete fundraising page button


I'm done editing my page. What are the next steps?

We recommend making the first donation to your fundraising page if you haven’t already. Making the first donation demonstrates you’re invested and encourages others to join you. After that, we recommend emailing or texting your fundraising page to family and friends as well as sharing on social media

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