Create a fundraising account

The organization you want to fundraise for will have a webpage to sign up as a fundraiser. Access the page and complete the following:

  1. On the webpage, select the button to sign up

  2. Choose how you want to fundraise (individually versus as a team)

Note: How you choose to fundraise may be controlled by the organization. For instance, some organizations only allow individual fundraisers while others only allow teams.

  1. Create an account with the sign-up form

Screenshot showing Classy signup form

Note: If you have donated to or fundraised for an organization that uses Classy in the past, you can log in to your supporter account instead. Classy makes the fundraising software many nonprofits use to manage fundraisers and donations.

Enter the details for your fundraising page

Once you create an account or log in, you'll set up the details of your page.

  1. Follow the prompts to enter your fundraising details including:

    • Your fundraising goal

    • The end date/date you want to stop fundraising

    • Your fundraising page headline

  2. Last, upload a profile picture for your fundraising page

    • We encourage adding one to personalize your page

    • You can always change it later

video showing individual fundraising page setup

Edit your fundraising page

Once you create your page, you can customize it. To do so, select Manage in the top-right of the page to open your editor. From there you can change the Story content, post updates, and change your page details such as your profile picture.

You can learn more about customizing with our guide on editing fundraising pages.

video showing cursor select manage and clicking through the set up cards


Who is Classy?

You may have noticed your fundraising pages are powered by Classy. Put simply, Classy creates fundraising software for nonprofits. You can learn more about Classy, on our website. To learn more about using your account, view our intro guide.

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