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Getting started

This guide focuses on creating a fundraising team page, but you can join as an individual.

  1. Select Become a Fundraiser on the webpage for the organization you support

    • Note that the button may say something slightly different like “join”

  2. Select Create a team to create a fundraising team page

    • You may not always see the option to fundraise as an individual or a team. This depends on the nonprofit’s preferences.

How to Create a Fundraising Team

Complete the sign-up form

Create an account using the sign-up form. If you already have an account, log into your account instead.

Create an Account copy

Next, enter your fundraising page’s details, including your fundraising goal, end date, and headline. Lastly, you can upload a profile picture for your fundraising page. We encourage this to help personalize your page, but you can always change your photo later.

Create your team

Note: If you created an individual fundraising page and want a team page, reach out to the campaign’s contact and let them know. If you instead repeat the process and create a team, this will create a duplicate fundraising page and be a little confusing in your supporter dashboard.

By requesting the campaign contact to add a team page and assign you as the team captain, you will keep your existing fundraising page and activity.

Next steps

From here, we recommend inviting others to join your team. You can also edit your team and personal fundraising pages to get familiar with your editing tools. Follow the guides below to help with both. As a friendly reminder, communicate with your other team members to reach your goals—happy fundraising!

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