The Resources After Diagnosis Workout of the Day (RADWOD) is an online fitness program that is available to any and all RAD program participants. The virtual classes are led and programmed by our professional RAD coaches.

The goal of a RAD Workout of the Day (WOD) is to teach, coach and educate the RAD Athletes about the importance of physical activity, and how to adapt, modify and scale as needed based on their individual levels of experience, skills, and fitness levels.

The athletes will learn how to move when to move, when to rest, and what to expect as they navigate life after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Each RAD Athlete has the opportunity to record and keep track of their progress via the SugarWOD App, which is a journal to keep records of workouts, goals, achievements, and a socially interactive app privately shared only with the RAD athletes and coaches.

The RADWOD is a great option if you have limited access to equipment or are unable to get to the gym due to finances, treatment, or other life barriers that a breast cancer diagnosis may create.

There is a RADWOD program provided every day of the year on the SugarWOD app and live virtual classes are hosted Monday-Thursday at 9 a.m. PST via zoom.

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